Carpet Steam Cleaning: Three Crucial Tips for Achieving Better Results

Steam cleaning is an ideal cleaning method to consider if you have carpeting in your home. This cleaning approach uses hot water to cleanse the fabric fibres, improving the appearance and overall cleanliness of the carpet. In simple terms, the steam cleaning process will allow for the removal of dirt, fur, oils and stains which might be trapped in the material. As a result, your home will be free of harmful contaminants which can cause problems when inhaled. When the upkeep method is used well, you can renew your stained and discoloured carpet. Here are simple tips to help you achieve the best carpeting results through carpet steam cleaning.

Vacuum the Carpet

You should plan on vacuuming your carpet before moving on to deep cleaning. A normal carpet will often be covered by particles such as food crumbs, dust and general debris. If you do not remove these contaminants first, it will be more difficult to clean the fabric using your steam cleaner. You can make the process less time-consuming by removing the superficial dirt and allowing the steaming equipment to handle stains and dust settled in the pile.

Test the Steam Cleaner

If you are planning on steam cleaning your carpet for the first time, you should be cautious. Most carpets are tough, but there are fibres which might be sensitive to heat. If you steam-clean such materials, the damage could be significant. Ideally, you should check the care instructions provided for the carpeting. If the manufacturer does not recommend steam cleaning, you will need to consider an alternative method. If steam cleaning is allowed, you should still test the effect of the process on a small area of the carpeting as a precaution.

Add Some Shampoo

Under ideal circumstances, steam cleaning will cleanse the carpet thoroughly by relying on the sanitising and bleaching power of hot water. Still, there are stains which cannot be eliminated without some additional help. For instance, dye and oil stains can be difficult to eliminate if they have gone unnoticed for a long time. These types of stains will settle into the carpet fibres, and restoration can be difficult. Therefore, you should plan on using some shampoo, or if you have new steaming equipment, it might have come with some detergent. However, you can always purchase your preferred product. Use the cleaning solution as recommended by the machine manufacturer.

Finally, you should allow enough time for the carpet to dry completely after steam cleaning because using the floor covering prematurely could cause accelerated staining.