How to Protect Your Carpet Following Water Damage

When you discover a flood in your home, it's likely that your heart will sink. Severe water damage can result in expensive replacements, and you may not be able to find the carpet that you love. Before you panic, it's worth investigating whether carpet cleaning will remediate the damage and prevent a replacement. Here are some ways to protect your carpet following water damage.

Know Your Water Types

Whether or not you can save your carpet will depend on the type of water affecting it. If the water is sanitary, such as from simple rainfall or an overflowing sink, there's a chance you can save it. But if the water comes from a river flood or contains sewage, you're likely looking at a replacement. Unsanitary water is difficult to combat, but it's always worth asking a professional carpet cleaner before making an assumption.

Soak Up What You Can

As soon as you discover the damage, grab towels, bedsheets and anything else that's absorbent. Use them to absorb as much water as you can, and then remove them and place them in an area such as a bathtub or shower. This initial measure should make it easier for you to dry the carpet using ventilation.

Ventilate Quickly

If the weather is favourable, open your windows and let ventilation flow through your house. If you're able to do so, rent some large fans and use them to dry the carpet in question. Ventilation isn't just about keeping your carpet dry, it's also an effective way to reduce the risk of damp setting in. Try to avoid using a lot of heat, as this can result in some materials warping. While the ventilation process is ongoing, you can start calling carpet cleaners to ask for their help.

Use a Carpet Cleaner

Although ventilation should dry your carpet, you may still notice a musty smell lingering. The best way to combat this and to ensure the integrity of your carpet is by using a carpet cleaning service. Some services specialise in assessing whether the hidden elements of your carpet require refurbishment. Using a professional carpet cleaner also ensures you lift any remaining dirt and smells so you can return your carpet to its former glory. After using such services, always make sure you address whatever caused the flood in the first place. Whether it was a faulty faucet or inadequate flood protection, you don't want to find yourself repeating the experience.