3 Questions To Ask Your Commercial Cleaning Company

Commercial cleaning companies are your best bet when you need your office, retail, or industrial premises cleaned. Clean premises has a positive impression on your clients and stakeholders. Therefore, it would help if you vetted the company to determine its competence in the trade. Below are some interview questions to help you vet and hire a commercial cleaning company 

1. Do You Train Your Staff? 

While residential cleaning is an easy task, commercial cleaning is quite complex. For instance, the cleaners often handle toxic waste and sharp objects. Besides, the working environment is pretty challenging. For example, in some cases, the cleaners work when the building is occupied. Moreover, they use industrial-grade cleaning equipment such as scrubbers and polishers. Therefore, they must undergo some training to ensure they deliver quality services. 

The training should help the cleaners choose the best detergents to use on the various surfaces and remove difficult stains without damaging floors, furniture, and walls. Moreover, the cleaners should know how to conduct office deep cleaning. Remember, you need the office furniture, appliances, and carpets cleaned occasionally. Finally, the cleaners must know the safety measures to observe when cleaning. For instance, they should have safety clothing. Further, they should use barricades and signs to warn people of slippery floors and toxic substances. 

2. How do You Structure Your Services? 

Reputable cleaning companies will structure their services to meet your business needs. Typically, the company starts by examining the traffic on your premises and how you utilise the space. For instance, the company could suggest once-a-day cleaning in conventional offices. However, it could recommend hourly cleaning in retail premises with high foot traffic. This way, the space stays clean throughout the day. 

The company also examines the type of waste generated by your premises. Typically, it takes extra measures if your premises generate hazardous waste. For instance, the company could provide special bins to separate the waste and equip the cleaning crew with sanitisation supplies to kill bacteria during cleaning.

3. What are Your Conditions? 

The company's conditions determine whether you will have a long-term working relationship. First, the company must inform you about your obligations. For instance, it could require the premises to be open at a specified time to let in the cleaning crew. Besides, the company could ask you to allocate some storage space and a changing room for the cleaners. Finally, the company should have a reasonable liability policy. For instance, it should compensate you for losses attributed to the cleaner's negligence.  

For more information on commercial cleaning, contact a professional near you.