Three Maintenance Tips for Long-Term Marine Dock Preservation

You should perform proper maintenance of the marine docks on your property for prolonged service. In general, the upkeep of the structure will help in ensuring that the docking is protected from unexpected and accelerated degradation. Moreover, good care practices can preserve the beauty of the dock and subsequently, the value and appeal of your property. Here are some essential guidelines to help you provide appropriate care to your marine docks.

Clean the Marine Dock

You should clean the dock to prevent the accumulation of grime and dirt deposits and other materials on the structure. If you do not perform correct cleaning practices, the built-up waste could cause the staining of the dock. Also, it could accelerate the corrosion or promote the rotting of the construction material. Therefore, you should choose an appropriate cleaning detergent and a brush for ideal cleaning. Choose natural and biodegradable soaps for this application. You can look for eco-friendly marine products for the best results. It is also advisable to obtain a power washer for cleaning of the docking. However, if the material is susceptible to damage such as wood, you should use low pressure. 

Refinish the Surface 

You should refinish the dock surfaces periodically to improve the appearance of the structure. Moreover, the practice will ensure that the construction materials are protected, promoting longer-term service. The correct refinishing techniques will depend on the specific materials which were used in dock building. However, the standard process involves cleaning and applying a protective coating which is compatible with the material and safe for marine use. In some cases, you will need to perform intense preparation before the application of a protective coating. For example, wooden surfaces might require sanding to eliminate old coatings and dirt residues. Failure to perform this task can lead to poor performance of the sealing coat.

Monitor and Repair

You should not leave minor damages unrepaired on your marine dock. Often, leaving some small and seemingly inconsequential problems unresolved seems convenient and time-saving. However, the fact is that minor issues escalate into major damage when left unchecked. For example, if you ignore a missing fastener, the pressure and stress of daily use will be exerted on the other nails and screws. Over time, the board will come off. If the loose board is not repaired, the neighbouring planks will be more stressed during use, accelerating the general structural damage. Therefore, you should monitor the condition of your dock and perform repairs or replacement of deteriorating structures as soon as possible.