Cleaning Your Business: 3 Questions to Ask the Cleaning Service

Asking your staff to clean the area they work in can cause problems. Perhaps one member of the staff will feel they carry out most of the work or it will distract them from looking after your customers and performing other duties. That is why it is worth considering employing staff from a cleaning service to look keep your business premises nice and clean. However, before you sign a contract, there are a few things you should check. Below are 3 questions you should ask.

Check the notice period

A lot of cleaning services will ask you to sign a long term contract, which will run for up to 12 months or more. While you may be happy to do this, you may not be happy with the quality of the service or you may find a company which offers more competitive pricing. It is worth checking how much notice you need to give if you decide to cancel the contract. The majority of cleaning contracts require a 30-day notice before you can end the contract. However, the notice period can in some cases be up to 60 days. Before agreeing on a contract, you should make sure you fully understand the notice period to ensure you can exit the contract if needed.

Ask about security checks

Because the cleaners who work within your business are not directly employed by you, you will not be able to perform background checks on them. They may also have access to potentially sensitive areas of your business. This is why it is vital that the cleaning service you use carries out adequate security checks on their staff. You should ask the cleaning company what security checks they carry out on their employees.

How to report problems with the service

No matter how efficient the service provided by the cleaning company is, there will probably be times when you are unhappy with it. It might be that a certain area of your business is neglected or that you are unhappy with how a member of the cleaning staff conducts themselves. You should ask the company how you should report any problems or concerns about the service you receive and what steps they will take to compensate you.

If you are interested in hiring staff to clean your business, you should contact a professional cleaning service who will be able to advise you on the services they can offer.