Tile and Grout Cleaning To Eliminate Mould from Your Bathroom

If your bathroom is not getting sufficient ventilation or if it is not being cleaned effectively, you will notice mould and mildew starting to breed on your grout. The presence of these black stains is not only an eyesore. Left unchecked, the mould and mildew can cause a health hazard for anybody who keeps using that bathroom. Therefore, it is crucial to embark on proper tile and grout cleaning on a regular basis to eliminate this mould. Here are the steps that you could follow to keeping your tiles' grout mould free.

Clean off the surface scum

Before you can tackle the mould problem on your grout, you have to engage in thorough surface cleaning off your tiles. This is because as the scum hardens, mould and bacteria can still breed beneath it. For thorough surface cleaning, start off by sprinkling a layer of baking soda on your bathroom tiles. Dampen a cotton cloth with vinegar and proceed to wipe off the tiles. Once complete, rinse your tiles off with warm water and leave them to dry. If you notice any areas that still have scum, repeat the process until all the scum is eliminated.

Scrub the grout

Once the bathroom tiles have dried, you should create a grout cleaning paste. Ensure that you wear some protective rubber gloves to ensure that your hands do not come into contact with the paste. In a plastic bowl, pour in some scouring powder and gradually add water until it becomes a thick, liquid consistency. Use a scouring pad to apply this paste directly onto the grouted areas between your bathroom tiles. You could then scrub the grout using the scouring pad or opt for a toothbrush for tougher mould stains that are proving hard to come off. Once done with the scrubbing process, rinse off the grout with warm water. Inspect for any lingering mould stains and repeat the grout scrubbing process as needed.

Protect the mould from future infestations

To prevent the breeding of mould and mildew in your grout, you should coat them with an anti-mould spray. This spray can be purchased at your local store. Alternatively, you can make some by mixing oxygen bleach and water in a spray bottle. Once the tiles and grout are dry, liberally spray this anti-mould liquid and let it sit on the tiles and grout overnight. This gives the spray time to kill any remnant of mould spores. The next day, re-spray the tiles and gouts and proceed to scrub the sprayed areas using a scouring pad. Rinse your tiles and grout with warm water and let them dry.