The advantages of using professional cleaners for your retail store

If you own or run a retail store it's important for your store to look inviting to customers and passersby. Here are some reasons to employ professional cleaners rather than relying on your staff to clean as part of their general duties.

Professional cleaners are faster

Professional cleaners are experienced in cleaning and can do a faster job than your staff.  This means that even if their hourly rate is a little higher than you store staff, as they can get cleaning done quickly, it can work out very competitively cost wise. They have established schedules and techniques so that they can clean efficiently and do a great job. This also means they are in and out of your store sooner, leaving you ready for the customers even more quickly.

Professional cleaning adds value

If your shop is in a poor or dirty condition, you can find that your stock is damaged or devalued. Dusty clothing and other items need to be recleaned before display or sold at a discount. Additionally, the internal impression of your store adds to the initial impression of your brand, so a shabby store may find it hard to sell their items for a premium.

Professional cleaners have the right equipment

As cleaners are used to cleaning large areas they have devices and equipment to make the job easy and faster, including powerful vacuums and extensions pieces for brooms and mops so that they can sweep and dust a large range of spaces. This also makes it easier for them to get to awkward spots, such as cleaning a persistent spider web out of a corner of the ceiling. This helps to make your store a more attractive place for customers to enter and linger, and hopefully buy more merchandise.

Professional cleaners won't get distracted

Even if your store has lulls in foot traffic, it's easy for one of the few customers to end up tying up your staff for a while or for another issue such as a telephone call, delivery or administration tasks. As professional cleaners are only there to clean they don't lose focus on the job and complete their cleaning tasks every week at the same time.

By getting in professional cleaners you can leave your staff free to focus on running your shop, and working out ways to continually make your shop more successful without getting distracted by cleaning jobs.