What Every Daycare Owner Should Know about Chemical Free Cleaning

If you are a daycare centre manager, you likely have a commercial cleaning company contracted to clean your building on a routine basis. The problem that some daycare managers have found is a strong chemical odour that is left behind. Unfortunately, though the building may be clean, you and the parents that use your daycare may be concerned about chemical residue that is left behind.

This is why chemical free cleaning has become increasingly popular. Here are a few things that every daycare owner should know about this type of commercial cleaning service:

Electrical Charge

You may not think of electrical charges as part of a cleaning process, but that is the technique that most chemical free processes use. In an article produced by The Guardian, the process is explained as the combination of salt and water being used to give the water an electrical charge. This charge produces a solution that "sanitizes surfaces leaving it 99% germ free." For daycare providers this is a huge plus in an effort to reduce bacteria and the spread of germs that can cause colds, flu, and other illnesses.

Organic Cleaning

Some commercial cleaning companies are moving to organic cleaning that uses only chemical free cleaning agents. These cleaning solutions and agents use things like natural citrus and essential oils to clean the area. Ideally these organic cleaning supplies do not harm the environment and do not harm pets or children. If you don't like the idea of using just electrically charged salt water to clean the daycare, then organic commercial cleaning options may be an ideal choice.

Finding the Right Company

One of the biggest hurdles you may face with chemical-free cleaning options is finding the right company for the job. You want a company that will listen and understands your concerns about chemical usage in the daycare facility. You also need one that understands the allergies some of the children may have and how it can seriously effect those children to be around certain chemicals throughout the day.

Make sure the company you choose has a solid plan in place for chemical free or organic cleaning options. Ask to see a list of what cleaning agents or brands they use and do your own research. Make sure you are getting exactly what you need. Also, ask them how they clean and what their routine is. This will give you a clear insight into what they can bring to the table.

These are just three of the main concerns that you need to consider when you look to chemical free commercial cleaning options. If you are ready to move forward, start looking for organic or even vegan based companies as they will be the most likely to offer what you need for your daycare and the safety of the children.